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We are Chartered Financial Planners as designated by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and are committed to:
  • Putting our customer’s interests first.
  • Investing in the ongoing development of our people’s technical skills and knowledge.
  • Supporting wider initiatives that benefit society as well as the growth of the profession.

Financial planning Chartership is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute to those who display exceptional knowledge in finance and wealth management. Our client-first Chartered financial services are the result of continuous learning and dedication to our field - we are always striving to do the absolute best that we can possibly do for our clients.

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What Is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is a comprehensive, holistic and forward-thinking approach to planning one’s finances throughout life. Independent Chartered Financial Planners provide professional services to individuals, families and businesses who require assistance in planning their finances throughout life.

Financial planning typically involves the following steps:

  • Establishing both short, mid and long-term goals, objectives and milestones.
  • Working out all income, assets and debt to evaluate your financial position.
  • Developing a roadmap to achieving goals, objectives and milestones given available. resources and predicted future resources.
  • Putting strategies in place to realise goals, e.g. through the use of investment instruments ranging from ISAs to pensions, stocks, shares, property and investment funds.

Chartered financial planning firms like Springfield Financial are focused on achieving long-term financial objectives rather than solving short-term problems.

We have a tremendous breadth of knowledge across all realms of finance and tax and can advise on everything from growing your finances early on in life to making investment decisions, choosing pension options and preparing wealth for inheritance.

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Financial Planning For Life’s Milestones

Much of life revolves around milestones, such as meeting a partner, marriage or civil partnership, raising a family, travelling, purchasing a home, starting a business, etc, as well as major purchases such as holidays, cars and home extensions.

In later life, retirement and Inheritance Tax are major considerations that require extensive planning, as are pensions with regards to the tapered annual allowance and lifetime allowance planning.

Many of these milestones, events and purchases require financial planning, not just in the short-term to ensure that money is made available at the right time, but in the long-term, to help ensure that goals are met. Financial planning also helps grow money through investment, making it work harder compared to if you just left it in your bank account.

People also use financial advisors to plan how much of their own money they can commit to a business venture, to save for major investments such as house buying or even migration, and to work out what they need to do to retire early.

Springfield Financial specialise in a full spectrum of financial planning services for both individuals, families and businesses. Our UK Chartered financial advisors are experienced in all forms of investment instruments and can develop bespoke strategies to help you realise your goals, no matter how simple or complex they are.

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Chartered Financial Planning Preston

Established in 1979 and based in Preston, Springfield Financial offers independent financial services and advice to individuals and businesses. We provide the highest level of unbiased, objective independent financial advice. Our diverse team possesses a huge range of proven professional experience across the following:

  • Financial planning for individuals and, families
  • Tax planning
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement and pensions planning
  • Inheritance Tax, trust and estate planning

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